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Welcome to the Land of Colour

Welcome to a quick introduction of some of my sketchbook pages and some canvas work in progress. I’m experimenting a lot with colour in these!

Sketchbook P1010124P1010104 P1010084 P1010064


Work In Progress…

I’ve finally been bitten by the artistic bug again. Its been a long year with a lot of voluntary work and job applications but I finally feel settled enough to enjoy the painting process again. I’ve recently dipped into the ‘shame bin’ in my studio – the place where I hide all the work I feel disappointed in or simply fed up with. It’s amazing how the passage of time makes me look at these works with a lot more fondness. That’s one of the plus sides to painting, you can always come back to a piece of work no matter how much time has passed!

Over this last week, my studio has been subjected to a proper clear out. I have raked into all the nooks and crannies that I can reach in an effort to gain a bit of extra space. It’s quite frankly amazing how much room I need. I’ve taken out all my papers, rearranged them into folders and tidied them away into there respective boxes. All my materials are now in drawers or boxes, keeping them away from any creepy crawlies! My canvases have been taken from my home and into the studio, packed away into their new cardboard homes. All my finished paintings have been wrapped up and stored away properly… in other words out of the studio! The amount of mess I create never ceases to amaze me!

I’ve got a lot of canvas work and paintings on the go just now. I like to work with several projects at the same time – that way if somethings not working, I can move onto something else and come back again once I’ve cleared my mind.

I’m currently working on some beautifully coloured canvases. There are four in this series although one looks more advanced than the others. I’m creating experiments in my sketchbook with photographic paper. With a bit of luck this will be my new project. I’m also developing work on mirrors with sand, mica and ink… I’m pretty obsessed with mixed media.

With all these works in progress I feel the need to make some effort and get in contact with some galleries. If any galleries out there are looking for new work, let me know!


Studio Space

Again, just another blog entry I’ve been putting off for as long as I could!

Here’s my fancy new studio space that I’ve created in my garage. Its a cold and damp place, so very similar other studios around this part of the world! But its also a great big space that I can get covered in paint anywhere I like.

And of course, here are some works in progress… I do love my colours, as you can tell!

P1060892 P1060894P1060908

Where to Begin?

A full month into the new year and I’ve been getting on not too badly.

First of all, I’m still clearing out/tidying up my garage space for a nice studio area. Its taking a long time to get sorted and is going to involve several trips to the tip and recycling centres… and its far too cold for me to spend hours in there just now! However, it is well and truly under way so there is no doubt in my mind that I will have a space to work in sooner or later.

Secondly, I’ve finished up a few more paintings just several months after I started them!

At last, they are done and dusted and I’m satisfied with the outcome.

Thirdly, my work is exhibiting at Six Foot Gallery in Glasgow. I’m taking this as a good omen for the new year and am planning on getting my work exhibited a few more times this year.

So far so good. Here’s hoping I keep all this up for the rest of 2012!

Untitled Part Two Untitled Part Three

Not So Blue

All right then, here are some pictures of my pretty new beasties (although they’re still ongoing), and here’s a close up as well to give you a different angle.

P1040781 P1040776

These are coming along nicely now although they still need to be layered *quite* a bit. I bought myself some expensive new gloss to use with them last week which worked fantastically well but I’ve run out already! I’ll need to buy a tub full next time! Oh well, trip to the shops for me it is…

I’m still in two minds about these works, probably because I’ve spent so much more time and effort on them than I originally intended. These were supposed to be little side works to keep me going but the have turned into fully fledged obsessions. I still need to keep reminding myself not to judge any piece of work until I’ve actually finished them, which is a very difficult thing for me and I’d imagine anyone else to do!

On another note, I was having a discussion earlier in the week about my artwork when a little thought popped into my head. People seem genuinely surprised as to how much thought goes behind my paintings and how many layers I will apply to them until I’m satisfied. So, I am seriously considering recording my next piece of work in detail to show how I go about the process of creating these works. I’m also hoping that this will get me to look at my process more carefully and allow me to analyse myself and the way I work which is always a good thing for an artist!

Oh and of course, should anyone have any free time please check out my new wee shoppy Satsumoss now open at Etsy! Thank you!


Ah, a whole week already! I will admit to being rather lazy this week (with the sunburn to prove it) but I am very determined to make up for it. Real life distractions as well as an all consuming desire to finish reading ‘War and Peace’ are my excuses for the past couple of days. Although it’s still going to take a long length of time to finish that particular novel!

However, today I shall be handing in two pieces of work for the exhibition ‘Fabric of the Land’ up in Aberdeen. I’m a bit surprised that I hadn’t actually heard of it before as it’s something that really appeals to me. Well, with a bit of luck I’ll get them in… if not, I’ll just need to try harder next time! It’s the waiting for ‘that’ email that gets to me. Sometimes waiting to hear a yay or nay is worse than receiving an outright nay. Like waiting to hear that your artwork seems to have fallen apart in the post… that’s one of my recurring nightmares right there.

Alrighty… so this week we have a couple of pieces well on the way to being finished, here they are so far;

P1040663 P1040663-1

I really like these works when they’re in the sunlight. You can really see them glitter and sparkle. There’s also a lot of detail to them, but you do need to get up close to really appreciate it.

Part of the reason why I work on so many pieces at once is the sheer impatience I tend to feel a lot of the time. It’s important to take your time over a piece of work, but usually after I spend more than a certain length of time on one painting, I need to move onto something different, if only to clear my head.

Working Hard?

Alright I have a new system for my blog updates! I’m going to aim for once a week and just write about whatever I have on the go for the moment. At this point in time I feel I really need a studio. My bedroom has been turned upside down and inside out!

Anyways I’ve just finished these little pieces:

P1040616 P1040608 P1040594

These took far to long to create for my liking as they are rather small (and I am an impatient person by nature!) but worth the wait. Having said that though, I think this will be the last set I do for a while around the colour white. I’d forgotten how difficult it was to stop white pieces from becoming dirty! I still have other works on the go from this series and I’m hoping to have them near completion by this time next week. We shall see!