Monthly Archives: January 2015

Weekly Photo Challenge: Express Yourself!


With a theme like Express Yourself, I really couldn’t stop myself from playing about on Photoshop! Having been hugely distracted by Uni work this last year, I’ve rarely had the opportunity or excuse to play about with it. I thought a mish-mash together of the photographs I’ve taken so far in January would create a nice wintry feel. Brr!


Weekly Photo Challenge: Serenity

Although the year is just beginning, Serenity is something I’m not feeling! I wouldn’t describe myself as someone who finds it easy to switch off and relax – I like being kept busy and having lots of things going on to keep me occupied. I found this photo challenge to be a real challenge to the way I see and experience the world.

With the frosty, snowy weather we’ve had the last week I thought I’d aim to try and catch that frozen, serene feeling.


Here’s to another week gone by!

Weekly Photo Challenge: Shadowed!

Day ten already of the New Year and I think we’re off to a flying start! I’m keen to keep taking part in the weekly photo challenge and this week it’s: shadowed.

With the horrendous wind and blustry snow storms, the mood was set for me to take a few snaps of the moon on a very cold, wintry morning.


I’m not gonna lie – I’m pretty happy it turned out so well with no tripod and gale force winds!

Here’s to 2015, Let’s Make it One to Remember!

I thought I’d begin this year by taking part in The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge. This week it’s “New.” So I’m going to celebrate the beginning of the New Year with a sunrise over Dundee.


Like many people, I’ve come up with a few resolutions I want to achieve. I hope to finish my Masters this year and more importantly, be proud of what I’ve achieved through the course. I also plan to wear a lot more of my jewellery this year and to get them out on show!

I hope everyone manages to keep their resolutions for the year (or at least the important ones) and we can get on with enjoying 2015!