Jutta Koether

The DCA are currently showing of ‘Seasons and Sacraments’, a series of works by German artist Jutta Koether and inspired by Poussin. When thinking of works by Poussin you wouldn’t automatically visualise the bold, abstract works developed by Koether.

In the first gallery we have ‘Seasons’, a series of brightly coloured paintings suspended on glass in the middle of the space. These paintings explore each season through colour and form creating a vibrant energy. The suspension of the paintings creates an element of the fragile like the changing seasons itself.

The second gallery showcases ‘Sacraments’, a variety of installations and sculptures using materials such as melted acrylic to pop chairs and LED rope lights. Koether creates work for each of the original seven sacraments using her judgement and methods to provide a contemporary feel to classic works.

I absolutely adore her paintings in ‘Seasons’. The bright colours and visible brush strokes add an energy and shout vibrancy and life. They’re a celebration of Poussin, the seasons of the world and nature itself.

‘Seasons and Sacraments’ is being exhibited until the 21st April at the DCA… Go see it!


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