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Jutta Koether

The DCA are currently showing of ‘Seasons and Sacraments’, a series of works by German artist Jutta Koether and inspired by Poussin. When thinking of works by Poussin you wouldn’t automatically visualise the bold, abstract works developed by Koether.

In the first gallery we have ‘Seasons’, a series of brightly coloured paintings suspended on glass in the middle of the space. These paintings explore each season through colour and form creating a vibrant energy. The suspension of the paintings creates an element of the fragile like the changing seasons itself.

The second gallery showcases ‘Sacraments’, a variety of installations and sculptures using materials such as melted acrylic to pop chairs and LED rope lights. Koether creates work for each of the original seven sacraments using her judgement and methods to provide a contemporary feel to classic works.

I absolutely adore her paintings in ‘Seasons’. The bright colours and visible brush strokes add an energy and shout vibrancy and life. They’re a celebration of Poussin, the seasons of the world and nature itself.

‘Seasons and Sacraments’ is being exhibited until the 21st April at the DCA… Go see it!


Work In Progress…

I’ve finally been bitten by the artistic bug again. Its been a long year with a lot of voluntary work and job applications but I finally feel settled enough to enjoy the painting process again. I’ve recently dipped into the ‘shame bin’ in my studio – the place where I hide all the work I feel disappointed in or simply fed up with. It’s amazing how the passage of time makes me look at these works with a lot more fondness. That’s one of the plus sides to painting, you can always come back to a piece of work no matter how much time has passed!

Over this last week, my studio has been subjected to a proper clear out. I have raked into all the nooks and crannies that I can reach in an effort to gain a bit of extra space. It’s quite frankly amazing how much room I need. I’ve taken out all my papers, rearranged them into folders and tidied them away into there respective boxes. All my materials are now in drawers or boxes, keeping them away from any creepy crawlies! My canvases have been taken from my home and into the studio, packed away into their new cardboard homes. All my finished paintings have been wrapped up and stored away properly… in other words out of the studio! The amount of mess I create never ceases to amaze me!

I’ve got a lot of canvas work and paintings on the go just now. I like to work with several projects at the same time – that way if somethings not working, I can move onto something else and come back again once I’ve cleared my mind.

I’m currently working on some beautifully coloured canvases. There are four in this series although one looks more advanced than the others. I’m creating experiments in my sketchbook with photographic paper. With a bit of luck this will be my new project. I’m also developing work on mirrors with sand, mica and ink… I’m pretty obsessed with mixed media.

With all these works in progress I feel the need to make some effort and get in contact with some galleries. If any galleries out there are looking for new work, let me know!


Massimo Bartolini


Massimo Bartolini currently has work showing at the Fruitmarket Gallery in Edinburgh. Bartolini is an Italian artist known for his installations but creates work in a variety of medias.

As soon as you step into the darkened gallery you find you’ve been transported to another place. Hundreds of tiny lights twinkle at you from their wooden beams, criss crossing and overlapping over and over again until you lose yourself within the installation. The lights dim and sparkle according to your movements giving the entire space a feeling of unreality. It could almost be a dreamscape!

The upstairs gallery showcases some of his smaller works – a variety of drawings, paintings and sculptures that he’s created over the last ten years. Many works come across as delicate and are held in a fragile balance between development and finished .

‘Massimo Bartolini’ is on show from 1 February until 14 April so there’s still plenty of time to check it out!

The Apple Fell Down Competition!

The Apple Fell Down Competition!


The Apple Fell Down started up three years ago and to celebrate they’re running a fantastic competition to win a Mrs. Tweet and Mr. Twoo!

To be in with a chance of winning all you have to do is like their Facebook page The Apple Fell Down. Only the first 300 likes will be included in the draw so be quick to win your pair of owls!

I can’t express how gorgeous all of The Apple Fell Down’s creations are so please go and have a sneaky peek for yourselves!