Day Trip; Wallace Monument and Stirling Castle

Yet another day trip to a gorgeous Scottish castle as well as to the Wallace Monument in Stirling. And yet another day trip in the rain! Well, that’s just been the theme for this Summer, hasn’t it?

One fun bus ride from the centre of Stirling, my long suffering boyfriend and myself found ourselves at the bottom of a very steep hill… with a couple of fire engines around the entrance! They moved off pretty soon however (once they were convinced there was no fire) and we set off on the joyous walk up the hill to Wallace Monument. There are a few steep sections but if you don’t feel up to walking up, you can always get a wee mini bus up from the visitor centre.

In the Monument itself however, there is no such helpful option and we found ourselves walking up one of the most terrifying staircases I’ve ever been on. If you have size fourteen feet, you’re not going to want to try these winding, claustrophobic stairs!

There are some gorgeous views to be had at the very top, if you can will yourself up those stairs. Unfortunately, it was very foggy and my camera and I had several arguments as to why it has no idea how to focus in the fog when it has been a Scottish camera all its life! I’d love to go up here when its snowing though, it would be a beautiful site to see.

From here to the castle its just another bus ride to the centre and a wee wander up yet another hill!

Stirling Castle is another stunning vision of architecture, decor, history, art and all most everything else. Its hard to describe the grandeur of the great hall, the brightness of the room, the space and the most incredible wooden ceiling.

There are plenty of different things to do from learning the history, using interactive games and of course, getting fully fledged tours! Personally, I prefer to wander around myself although I know some places provide fantastic tours (Glamis Castle springs to mind). There are a host of fascinating rooms, not forgetting the lions den! Inside the castles grounds their is also the war museum which is filled with little tidbits of letters, medals and all sorts of incredible and thought provoking items.

All in all a rather fantastic and tiring day. There was plenty to keep my mind, feet and eyes occupied the entire time!

P1060594 P1060621 P1060683 P1060700 P1060713


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