Day Trip: Dunnottar Castle

Although a little bit later than I had originally intended, here are a few photographs of my wee day trip to Dunnottar Castle from along Stonehaven way.

This was actually the first time I’d been to Stonehaven as well as Dunnottar Castle and although the weather could’ve been kinder, I really enjoyed myself in this beautiful spot. Getting from Stonehaven to the castle was a fun wee trek with the thunder storms proving that I, at twenty five years of age, am still terrified of loud noises! You can see the thunder clouds in the distance of the photograph with the war memorial, but around the castle, the sun was shining brightly.

Alright, this trip was just an excuse to get the dust of my camera lens… but man, did I have fun with that camera!

P1060525 P1060519-1 P1060308 P1060249

I have noticed that the majority of my pictures look out at the landscape from the castle rather than the castle itself in the landscape… I was clearly distracted by all the different shades of blue and green floating about!

There’s a lot of history surrounding Dunnottar Castle, but then it is hundreds of years old! So for all you history folk out there I most definitely recommend you get along here and have a look yourselves… the views are quite frankly stunning and inspiring.


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