Monthly Archives: January 2012

Getting Started

Yet another busy week has flown by! I have one more week of volunteering at Inverleith House (a gorgeous place with a really interesting exhibition and you should go and see if you haven’t already) and then I will have some more free time to work on the mess below.


It’s not a pretty sight unfortunately. However I have started the tidying process so its just a matter of willpower and not giving up! I am determined by the end of January to have a clean space that I can use as a studio. Fingers crossed I’ll meet this target.

In other news I have a few more paintings that are almost finished, hopefully I’ll have some pictures up of them over the next few weeks. But that’s enough blogging for now… I must get on with my cleaning!


New Year!

Look at that, it’s 2012 already. That came around far too quickly for my liking!

Just a quick blog post to start the year. I’ve been updating all my various bits and pieces (website, artist statement etc) and now all that is left is to apply for exhibitions and to clear a space in my garage so I can have a real studio space! My aim for this month is to have a least a workable area cleared and to find a desk to put in it. Fingers crossed this gets done.

Til next week folks.