Monthly Archives: November 2011

Andrew Kerr and Maya Deren


Alright folks! Looking for something to do this winter? I have a suggestion! Inverleith House in Edinburgh is about to open a new exhibition celebrating the work of GSA graduate Andrew Kerr. This is to be accompanied by work from film maker Maya Deren which will occupy the basement gallery. And don’t forget Thomas Houseago as his sculptures are still within the gardens, so feel free to come along for a day or an afternoon.

The exhibition opens on November 12th and runs until mid January, so there’s plenty of time to head down for all you arty, sculpture and film buffs with free time on your hands!



Cheeky Hello

What a busy couple of weeks its been. I think I’ve managed to get a lot accomplished although I’ve been concentrating on other things. Anyways, just going to be a short update this time!

Firstly I’ve had a few bus/train rides to Edinburgh which let me see some lovely views of the rain and mist around the eastern coast (typical Scotland)!

With it being so dull outside and the rain splattering off the windows I saw some lovely views that were of course too difficult to photograph on a bumpy ride.

Earlier this week I attended my first Cultural Enterprise Office workshop. I really didn’t know what to expect, I just wanted some general information on how to apply for exhibitions etc. that require a proposal to be considered. It was great! Good fun, plenty of hints and tips and some yummy biscuits. We got to practise writing our own 25 word proposals which is a lot more difficult than it sounds. I do feel more confident applying for these opportunities now.

Until next week!