Blogging, Inking and Opportunities

Hey folks.

First of all some good news for my blog, I’ve reached 500 views this week! Fantastic! Helped mainly by the apple fell down of course. A subsequent conversation got me thinking… how can someone improve their blog to gain more followers and to reach a wider audience? Most of the blogs I follow have tutorials, hints and tips, or interesting notes about life within an art career. Mainly, they’re about things I find interesting and appeal to my own situation.

As for my own blog, I think it’s important to update regularly. This sounds a lot easier than it is, I’m sure anyone who keeps a blog have moments where they simply don’t have time for an update. If it’s a fairly new blog and you don’t give out regular information, I do think a lot of people will simply believe that the blog won’t be going anywhere in the future. Having said that, just updating regularly won’t guarantee you an audience!

Most of my posts follow the work I’m creating and what I plan to do next. That’s it. I’m closing doors already by not writing about anything else. I think I should focus a bit more on other areas too, such as recent exhibitions I’ve been to see or examining artists I find of interest. That way I can collect my thoughts about a specific area and at the same time give people something of interest to read. Perhaps this is what would allow me to reach a wider range of people.

P1040980 P1040973 P1040970

Back to the usual format, this is how my canvas is coming along this week. You may not be able to see, but the canvas has been worked back, dried ink has been peeled off and I’ve painted over the top. I’ve also added some silver foil in a flowing pattern. This will be sprayed over with ink when my desired colours arrive, this canvas is far too vibrant for what I have planned. Whilst wet, I employed one of my favourite techniques. I took a sheet of foil and pressed it down onto the canvas. After a length of time, I peeled it away to take off the new layers of ink and to show the older areas underneath. This is such a great technique. When you work backwards, you never quite know what you’re going to end up with. It could be a complete disaster! And if it is, you just do it again and again until you’re completely satisfied.

On another note, my camera disappeared earlier this week (I eventually found it in the drawer I had already looked in) and so haven’t tried to take any photographs in the dark yet, although I have been looking up various techniques online. I’m seriously doubting whether my camera is good enough for night time photography, but I will find out for sure soon enough. I finish work late in the evenings, so there is no valid excuse not to go out and take some photographs!

Last but by no means least, I’m very pleased to say I’ve been given the opportunity to work within a gallery space over the next couple of months. I’ve yet to find out exactly what I’ll be doing but it’s such an exciting opportunity that I just can’t wait for it to start!


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