As of this week my newest artwork is underway. The others that I am still in the midst of have been placed on the back burner (metaphorically speaking of course) until I can find some refreshed enthusiasm for them.

It started, like always, with a sketch and a canvas. I then attached some glossy paper on top to allow the next layer of ink to run more freely. In future, I think I will start using boards more often as the texture from the canvas tends to be more of a hinderance than a beautiful effect that I wish to keep.

The first layer involved an application of colour through ink. I’ve used plain drawing ink as well as mica pigmented spray inks to give a tattered overall look, but also a sparkly element. This work will be mainly white when completed so the only colour showing will be from this layer.

P1040951 P1040952

I’m going to purchase some more inks e.g. blues, greens, silver to build up the tone that I’m aiming for. Basically, I’m aiming for a ‘Winter’ feel. This work will be about coldness and beauty.

On another note, earlier in the week I took a few photographs outside on a creepy moonlit night. I’ve now got it into my head that I need to go outside on a clear evening equipped with my camera and tripod to get some new outdoor photographs of the night sky. Night time photography… there’s some new territory for me! Any helpful hints!?



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