This last month has been nothing but diversions! The most important of these was a cheeky holiday I took to the south of Spain to get away from the dull drizzle of home. Sunny days of shopping and eating, what more could I ask for? We stayed in a rather residential area of Alicante not too far from the coast, which of course suited me as we managed to get quite a decent breeze on those far too hot days! From the nice area we were in, I managed to get a few photo opportunities of the coast and surrounding buildings. I do love the Spanish architecture around there, it’s so different to what you get back home. These are photographs taken from the building we stayed in.

P1040845 P1040863

As wonderful as a holiday in Spain is, I honestly don’t believe I could stay there for a longer length of time. Oddly enough, I miss the rain and mists, with the green hills and trees sprouting everywhere they please. I think Alicante is just too hot and dry to really fuel my imagination. Although a few extra days of sunshine back home would never go amiss!

Speaking of home, next week I’m hoping to post the first few pictures of my new work in progress. I’m going to see if I can count how many layers it takes to make a painting I’m satisfied with! Until then I have a photograph of a rather sweet card I made for my sister and brother-in-laws wedding anniversary.

Much love to you all!

And on yet another random note, I have been debating whether to create a new Twitter account, one solely devoted to my art and craft ideas or whether to keep the random jumble I have at the moment. We shall see.

Until next time…


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