Not So Blue

All right then, here are some pictures of my pretty new beasties (although they’re still ongoing), and here’s a close up as well to give you a different angle.

P1040781 P1040776

These are coming along nicely now although they still need to be layered *quite* a bit. I bought myself some expensive new gloss to use with them last week which worked fantastically well but I’ve run out already! I’ll need to buy a tub full next time! Oh well, trip to the shops for me it is…

I’m still in two minds about these works, probably because I’ve spent so much more time and effort on them than I originally intended. These were supposed to be little side works to keep me going but the have turned into fully fledged obsessions. I still need to keep reminding myself not to judge any piece of work until I’ve actually finished them, which is a very difficult thing for me and I’d imagine anyone else to do!

On another note, I was having a discussion earlier in the week about my artwork when a little thought popped into my head. People seem genuinely surprised as to how much thought goes behind my paintings and how many layers I will apply to them until I’m satisfied. So, I am seriously considering recording my next piece of work in detail to show how I go about the process of creating these works. I’m also hoping that this will get me to look at my process more carefully and allow me to analyse myself and the way I work which is always a good thing for an artist!

Oh and of course, should anyone have any free time please check out my new wee shoppy Satsumoss now open at Etsy! Thank you!


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