Catch ups and Etsy

It’s been yet another mad week. First of all I managed to catch up with some of the old art crew at the beginning of the week. It made me realise how good it is to speak to people in the same boat as yourself. It seems a lot of folk are struggling to keep going with their art, but everyone is resolutely determined not to give it up! If your ever searching for people with amazing will power, look no further than recent art graduates. These people may feel like giving up every now and again, but at the end of the day they are going to keep going no matter what. I think its in the blood!

I’ve spent this week being more positive and actually getting things done. I’ve also been clearing out parts of my garage to turn into a real studio space! No more painting on the carpet! Or at least no more once I’ve gutted it out and given it a very good clean… And I’ve set up an Etsy shop. I still need to upload my listings but all the details are up there.

These blog posts really do get shorter and shorter! I blame the fact that there are no where near enough hours in the day!


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