Rejection Breeds Love!

As it turns out a ‘try harder next time’ approach seems to be in order! Rejection tends to rear its ugly head more often than I would like but as they say ‘c’est la vie’. The most important thing about rejection is to remember that everyone goes through it or has gone through it at some point in their life and to move on from it with more determination.

I’ve been struggling with my little blue beauties just now. I’m just not satisfied with them at all and I have reached that point where I’m not sure if anything will save them. Perhaps some drastic measures will be in order.

Having said that, my wooden boxes are turning out quite nicely! I really love putting lots of effort and detail into my artwork. Although this can backfire horribly if you spend a lot of time, effort and love only for it to fall apart in front of your judgement.

I’ve really felt the need lately to create a larger scale artwork… the only thing that’s holding me back is the lack of space in which to work on it. The lack of a studio is being sorely felt these days. On a plus side, I have plenty of ideas swooshing round my head that need plastered into my sketchbook so I do have some small scale work to look at before I move onto bigger and better things!

All in all, I’ve set myself a wee schedule for next week to see how much work I can get on with in all these little areas. Hopefully all the bits and pieces will come together, everything will work out and they all lived happily ever after…

Ah, hopeful thinking much?


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