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Not So Blue

All right then, here are some pictures of my pretty new beasties (although they’re still ongoing), and here’s a close up as well to give you a different angle.

P1040781 P1040776

These are coming along nicely now although they still need to be layered *quite* a bit. I bought myself some expensive new gloss to use with them last week which worked fantastically well but I’ve run out already! I’ll need to buy a tub full next time! Oh well, trip to the shops for me it is…

I’m still in two minds about these works, probably because I’ve spent so much more time and effort on them than I originally intended. These were supposed to be little side works to keep me going but the have turned into fully fledged obsessions. I still need to keep reminding myself not to judge any piece of work until I’ve actually finished them, which is a very difficult thing for me and I’d imagine anyone else to do!

On another note, I was having a discussion earlier in the week about my artwork when a little thought popped into my head. People seem genuinely surprised as to how much thought goes behind my paintings and how many layers I will apply to them until I’m satisfied. So, I am seriously considering recording my next piece of work in detail to show how I go about the process of creating these works. I’m also hoping that this will get me to look at my process more carefully and allow me to analyse myself and the way I work which is always a good thing for an artist!

Oh and of course, should anyone have any free time please check out my new wee shoppy Satsumoss now open at Etsy! Thank you!


Catch ups and Etsy

It’s been yet another mad week. First of all I managed to catch up with some of the old art crew at the beginning of the week. It made me realise how good it is to speak to people in the same boat as yourself. It seems a lot of folk are struggling to keep going with their art, but everyone is resolutely determined not to give it up! If your ever searching for people with amazing will power, look no further than recent art graduates. These people may feel like giving up every now and again, but at the end of the day they are going to keep going no matter what. I think its in the blood!

I’ve spent this week being more positive and actually getting things done. I’ve also been clearing out parts of my garage to turn into a real studio space! No more painting on the carpet! Or at least no more once I’ve gutted it out and given it a very good clean… And I’ve set up an Etsy shop. I still need to upload my listings but all the details are up there.

These blog posts really do get shorter and shorter! I blame the fact that there are no where near enough hours in the day!


Just a short post this week, I’m absolutely determined to keep up my new schedule of posting every Friday. If I stick to my routine I may actually get some work done!

Real life took its toll this week and my paintings have suffered dreadfully… they’re sitting in the corner of my room staring mournfully at me. I’d been struggling with them for quite a while and was sorely tempted to put them on the back burner. Therefore I have barely touched them this week. However I have finally worked out what I would actually like to do with them. So come next week (when my life isn’t ridiculously scheduled) I’m gonna get a move on with these beauties. Hopefully I’ll have some pretty pictures to attach to the next post!

Rejection Breeds Love!

As it turns out a ‘try harder next time’ approach seems to be in order! Rejection tends to rear its ugly head more often than I would like but as they say ‘c’est la vie’. The most important thing about rejection is to remember that everyone goes through it or has gone through it at some point in their life and to move on from it with more determination.

I’ve been struggling with my little blue beauties just now. I’m just not satisfied with them at all and I have reached that point where I’m not sure if anything will save them. Perhaps some drastic measures will be in order.

Having said that, my wooden boxes are turning out quite nicely! I really love putting lots of effort and detail into my artwork. Although this can backfire horribly if you spend a lot of time, effort and love only for it to fall apart in front of your judgement.

I’ve really felt the need lately to create a larger scale artwork… the only thing that’s holding me back is the lack of space in which to work on it. The lack of a studio is being sorely felt these days. On a plus side, I have plenty of ideas swooshing round my head that need plastered into my sketchbook so I do have some small scale work to look at before I move onto bigger and better things!

All in all, I’ve set myself a wee schedule for next week to see how much work I can get on with in all these little areas. Hopefully all the bits and pieces will come together, everything will work out and they all lived happily ever after…

Ah, hopeful thinking much?