*Rubs Eyes and Looks Towards the Light*

I have finally awoken from my slumber. I have been incredibly busy these last few weeks, just a pity it wasn’t painting related. However, I am back and raring to go!

First of all, I have finally managed to get myself a new website (much nicer looking than the last I think), with a nice and simple design thats easy to maintain. I’m hoping to update this one much more frequently… I have had a few ideas about putting up pages for my sketches and what not, but then again I could just upload them to my blog instead… ah, this world of opportunity! There are far too many ways to accomplish only one thing! But still, I’m rather pleased with how it’s looking at the moment and it’s giving me some determination to get some new works up.

One of the more recent things I have completed was a series of three works called ‘Forms of the Unseen’ – pictures for which can be found on my website! Again, I have been keeping with the abstract forms produced within the natural environment. This series is explained below;
A brief interlude experimenting with forms produced in areas hidden from view. Influenced by the geological formations that take place beneath the earths surface, these works explore the idea of a hidden beauty.
Didn’t have as much fun with it as I would have liked. I really feel I rushed some parts of them, but overall I’m still satisfied with them.

But onwards with tomorrow and the new challenges it brings!


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