Monthly Archives: February 2011

Edinburgh’s Talents

Yet again, I have more pictures to share of this beautiful city – although this time substituting the rain for the snow. The winding streets, random little staircases, alleys and amazing architecture are what makes Edinburgh in my eyes whilst also providing some much sought after inspiration!

But of course, the point of this visit was not to wander around taking pictures of pretty buildings, it was to experience a live performance of Imelda May… Two hours standing in the same spot, still nursing the same one drink (£4 for a cider – ouch!) and still in a rather cramped room with little space to breathe (never mind dance), the band comes on stage. Un-bloody-believable. Quite simply the best gig I have probably ever been to. Imelda May is one of the best singers I have ever heard live. The band were incredible. Everything went fantastically. And I really enjoyed myself! The only drawback for me was being too far back in the crowd to get any decent photographs. Not like this would stop me of course.

As for the next day, it would be impossible to leave without having a look at some galleries and craft shops. I don’t think I respect Scotland enough for its wide variety of highly talented people. There are many people in Edinburgh exhibiting and displaying their hard crafted work whether it be paintings or films, jewellery or prints, abstract or figurative. Edinburgh is a brilliant city for the opportunities it provides for artists and craft makers and I desperately hope it stays that way.

P1040258 Imelda May 3 Imelda May 1


Spawn of Neglect

I have been extremely neglectful recently. I have been working away on jewellery projects, designing greeting cards and all those other wondrous little things that keep my fingers entertained. However, it has been a while since I have picked up a paint brush or dotted things down in my sketchbook. It’s probably a good thing that I’ve noticed their absence, that I do need them to be myself. One canvas painting I started many weeks ago has been staring for longingly desperate to be finished. And myself, being myself I ignored it. Bad me.

Having said that I have been neglectful and ignorant, I have finished said canvas. I have yet to think of a title, but I do have a few ideas in mind. It’s a mixed media piece and originally started out in bright, vibrant red, with gold and copper highlights. As more layers have been added on, it eventually became darker and rather different from how I had planned it out.

A little problem has began to bother me – photographing work. The vast majority of my works are tactile and built up in layers of colour and of course have a shiny glaze to top it all off! I just can’t seem to get it right. Here’s hoping practise makes perfect!

Changing the topic ever so slightly, I read a book the other day. It explored the relationship between man and nature, the philosophy behind it and the way in which this relationship has changed. It started me thinking about my art works and how these relate to myself and the surrounding environment. I’m taking at fresh look at my original ideas to see if these still apply to the works I’m producing now. All in all, I need to spend much more time painting and drawing. If only I didn’t need sleep!