Finally, my little boxes have arrived! I have a few pendants placed inside ready to go, just fantastic! I would love to create some really gorgeous packaging, but for the moment, I’m just glad they are here.

My aim for this week is to figure out how to sell these wee beauties and get cracking on with more bits and bobs. I finished up a few pairs of earrings that I just need to package up now.

All in all a nice productive weekend. I also have a new painting on the go that I’m finally starting to like… after I poured a bottle of black ink over the top of it! Black and white can always improve a painting, or one of mine at least. I was hoping that I would’ve have finished up on this over the weekend, but I think it’s still very far from being completed.

Another project I have in mind at the moment are some greeting cards. I have a pack of blank cards that keep staring at me, so I am determined to do something pretty with them too, once I get the chance. For now I think a break is in order!

P1030770 P1030817 P1030758


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