Go Go Go!

I have some lovely pictures to share today of some jewellery pieces that I’m in the process of making. Unfortunately with the weather being as horrible as it has been, I haven’t been able to order chains/findings etc to get these things finished completely, but I plan to have a batch of pendants (and earrings!) come January that will be totally finished – and with better pictures!

These little birds were unbelievably fiddly. I must buy myself a smaller pair of scissors!

And of course the snow and Christmas spirit provided me with some inspiration for these. Once these have been all chained up, I just need to start worrying about packaging them. I think some research is in order.

I have a few new experiments on the go just now as well. Here are some of my initial sketches which I’m hoping to turn into some pen and ink drawings… eventually! I seem to have a fear of ruining the works and I am putting of the inking process as long as possible. I would like to try and get into screen printing or maybe even lithographs at some point. This could be one of my goals for next year.

P1030441 P1030437 P1030419


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