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Go Go Go!

I have some lovely pictures to share today of some jewellery pieces that I’m in the process of making. Unfortunately with the weather being as horrible as it has been, I haven’t been able to order chains/findings etc to get these things finished completely, but I plan to have a batch of pendants (and earrings!) come January that will be totally finished – and with better pictures!

These little birds were unbelievably fiddly. I must buy myself a smaller pair of scissors!

And of course the snow and Christmas spirit provided me with some inspiration for these. Once these have been all chained up, I just need to start worrying about packaging them. I think some research is in order.

I have a few new experiments on the go just now as well. Here are some of my initial sketches which I’m hoping to turn into some pen and ink drawings… eventually! I seem to have a fear of ruining the works and I am putting of the inking process as long as possible. I would like to try and get into screen printing or maybe even lithographs at some point. This could be one of my goals for next year.

P1030441 P1030437 P1030419


Yet Another Fun Trip

In just over a month I’ve been to three different cities, I feel rather proud of myself for getting out so much!

Edinburgh, as always, was gorgeous. Every time I go there, i feel the need to move out of Dundee and into Edinburgh, I just love it! I managed to get quite a few pretty pictures on the bus ride (if you ignore the dirty stains on the bus window) although not as many in the city itself, so I was slightly disappointed.

There was also a fair and a market going on in the centre. Had myself a good time, but didn’t actually buy much for a change…

All in all, I had myself a lovely day in Edinburgh. The only downside was finding my bus cancelled and the transfer bus an hour late, leaving me bored to tears in the middle of Perth and the freezing cold!

P1030325 P1030333 P1030297 P1030276 P1030128

December is Here!

A rather massive ‘och’ to begin. As much as I love the snow (and I do love it, ask anyone) when it interferes with my source of income I become decidedly grumpy! No car… no buses when I need them… but lots of pretty pictures….

Ahh, December is definitely here. I wish I was back at school or University just so I could have a snow day! Friday will be here soon and I’m off work. I have a feeling a few snowmen may suddenly appear in my garden…

P1020974 P1020921 P1020790 P1020766