Too Short a Week

This has been such a quick week and I have been busy working away for the most of it. However after Saturday, I have a long weekend coming up, so my minds been buzzing away with all the possibilities (although nights out, yummy teas and day trips seem to be hitting the top of my list). I WILL get this art statement finished over the weekend… I had plenty of time in work today to write my conclusion so all I now need to do is tweak it a bit and pop it all together. It’s just so difficult to write about what I want to do when I just want to show people. There’s so much to say too!

And I’m still playing about with my jewellery pieces. I’m thinking if I do anything I consider decent I will look at opening an Etsy shop. That would be so much fun! At the moment though everything is still a blank slate.

As for the rest of tonight – no crafting or arting. Going out for a coffee (or in my case most likely a hot chocolate) and then for tea.Then I’m all set to relax for tomorrow and make sure my Hallowe’en costume is all sorted for work. (Gonna be a pirate – very excited!)

Next blog promise – more pictures! This one is too bare…


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