Friday again. The week rolls so fast its unbelievable! Think I’m gonna make Fridays my official must-update-my-blog day, seeing as how I’ve not much else to do on these days (don’t work Fridays!) and especially as it’s pouring down with rain, although that means I’ll probably go out for a wander with my camera later.

Fantastically excited today. My canvas’s are finished, as are my photographs and I have a only a tiny bitty to add to my drawings before I’m happy with them. I just need to buy some frames and get the photographs printed and of course take lots of pretty pictures of the work. Then it’ll be onto the artist statement and CV to make sure everything is up to date. And onto the next body of work! Can’t wait.

Okay, I’ve already decided I’m gonna head out and take some (hopefully) pretty photographs. Starting to think I’m addicted to this camera! Having a relaxing night out tonight, so gonna get as much as I can done today and get some pictures up for my next blog.

Tomorrows task… gallery hunting!


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