Busy Bee

Today is the first day ever I’ve had to defrost my car (well, the outside of it anyway) it was so bloody cold this morning. Im going to have to get up early one of these days and get some pictures etc of the frost and morning sun. I went for a walk in the rain on Friday, even in the middle of the afternoon it was still bloody freezing!


And on Sunday I bought myself a lovely piece of MDF which has somehow managed to give me hours of enjoyment! Actually got a few jewellery pieces started although I have no idea at all how I’m going to finish them. Design work is so much more difficult than painting. It really gets me stuck for ideas for whatever reason.


I am also very happy that I have my drawings, paintings and photography finished. I still need to get my photographs printed out, but there is no real rush for them. I find it strange that in all three separate areas, I have ended up with three pieces of work each (it really must be the magic number).

I have also nearly managed to finish my artist statement and all my bits and pieces. I want everything done by Hallowe’en so by then I can start afresh!


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