The Waiting Game

Well, there we go. The waiting game has officially begun. Lucky for me, I have a blog and a website I can update while I’m waiting for my paper to dry. As soon as it is though, I’ll be jumping in to get them finished. I’ve been so excited about them and want them started ASAP!

I spent most of the waiting time trying to create a new artist statement. It tends to go the same way as my website. I’m never fully happy with them and always want to change them a day later! I think I’m searching for a perfection that doesn’t exist. But I’ve set myself a deadline that come the end of the month I will have this body of work finished and have my artist statement and CV up to scratch. My website on the other hand is another matter… I’m just not happy with it at all and I don’t have the slightest clue as to how to make it better for my eyes.

Ah well…

In other news, roll on Halloween! We have all the pumpkins and costumes out at work which is just really putting me in the mood to go out Guising… I think I’m maybe a wee bit too old to get away with that though!


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