Monthly Archives: October 2010

Too Short a Week

This has been such a quick week and I have been busy working away for the most of it. However after Saturday, I have a long weekend coming up, so my minds been buzzing away with all the possibilities (although nights out, yummy teas and day trips seem to be hitting the top of my list). I WILL get this art statement finished over the weekend… I had plenty of time in work today to write my conclusion so all I now need to do is tweak it a bit and pop it all together. It’s just so difficult to write about what I want to do when I just want to show people. There’s so much to say too!

And I’m still playing about with my jewellery pieces. I’m thinking if I do anything I consider decent I will look at opening an Etsy shop. That would be so much fun! At the moment though everything is still a blank slate.

As for the rest of tonight – no crafting or arting. Going out for a coffee (or in my case most likely a hot chocolate) and then for tea.Then I’m all set to relax for tomorrow and make sure my Hallowe’en costume is all sorted for work. (Gonna be a pirate – very excited!)

Next blog promise – more pictures! This one is too bare…



Friday again. The week rolls so fast its unbelievable! Think I’m gonna make Fridays my official must-update-my-blog day, seeing as how I’ve not much else to do on these days (don’t work Fridays!) and especially as it’s pouring down with rain, although that means I’ll probably go out for a wander with my camera later.

Fantastically excited today. My canvas’s are finished, as are my photographs and I have a only a tiny bitty to add to my drawings before I’m happy with them. I just need to buy some frames and get the photographs printed and of course take lots of pretty pictures of the work. Then it’ll be onto the artist statement and CV to make sure everything is up to date. And onto the next body of work! Can’t wait.

Okay, I’ve already decided I’m gonna head out and take some (hopefully) pretty photographs. Starting to think I’m addicted to this camera! Having a relaxing night out tonight, so gonna get as much as I can done today and get some pictures up for my next blog.

Tomorrows task… gallery hunting!

Busy Bee

Today is the first day ever I’ve had to defrost my car (well, the outside of it anyway) it was so bloody cold this morning. Im going to have to get up early one of these days and get some pictures etc of the frost and morning sun. I went for a walk in the rain on Friday, even in the middle of the afternoon it was still bloody freezing!


And on Sunday I bought myself a lovely piece of MDF which has somehow managed to give me hours of enjoyment! Actually got a few jewellery pieces started although I have no idea at all how I’m going to finish them. Design work is so much more difficult than painting. It really gets me stuck for ideas for whatever reason.


I am also very happy that I have my drawings, paintings and photography finished. I still need to get my photographs printed out, but there is no real rush for them. I find it strange that in all three separate areas, I have ended up with three pieces of work each (it really must be the magic number).

I have also nearly managed to finish my artist statement and all my bits and pieces. I want everything done by Hallowe’en so by then I can start afresh!

The Waiting Game

Well, there we go. The waiting game has officially begun. Lucky for me, I have a blog and a website I can update while I’m waiting for my paper to dry. As soon as it is though, I’ll be jumping in to get them finished. I’ve been so excited about them and want them started ASAP!

I spent most of the waiting time trying to create a new artist statement. It tends to go the same way as my website. I’m never fully happy with them and always want to change them a day later! I think I’m searching for a perfection that doesn’t exist. But I’ve set myself a deadline that come the end of the month I will have this body of work finished and have my artist statement and CV up to scratch. My website on the other hand is another matter… I’m just not happy with it at all and I don’t have the slightest clue as to how to make it better for my eyes.

Ah well…

In other news, roll on Halloween! We have all the pumpkins and costumes out at work which is just really putting me in the mood to go out Guising… I think I’m maybe a wee bit too old to get away with that though!

Messing Aboot

I’ve managed to create three canvas works that I’m rather happy with. I experimented an awful lot with them using my new spray inks (oooh, I really do love them), modroc and gold leaf. The inks turned out brilliantly and I’ve decided to buy some more in different colours for my next project whatever that shall be!

Now, I just need to tidy up these pieces and do a little tweaking before I’ll be more or less satisfied with them. Still really pleased that they turned out so well for starting off as a completely new experiment.

As for the next thing on the go… I have a fair few ideas in my sketchbook that I want to explore so I’ll see how they turn out. I think I will just do another couple of pieces related to this series… its getting so cold now, I’m finding it hard to stay in the mood for them!

Work in Progress

Ah finally, I’ve gotten around to doing some real work after a few weeks of relaxation…. and a few MONTHS of not updating my blog! However, I have been working on creating a website. I’m still not completely happy with it, but we’ll see how it turns out.

I’d bought myself some new pretty inks and decided to play about with them to see what kind of colours they produce and what effect they have on different materials. The colours they produce are gorgeous and suit my needs to a tee, as I usually struggle with placing colour in my works. Using these inks in a spray form stops me from having too much control over them and adds a more natural unexpected element.


Although these started off as experimental pieces, there were a few that had potential, so I’ve decided to continue with them, exploring the idea of ‘A Summer Night’.