Monthly Archives: January 2010

Cheeky and Non-Productive

Alright, that was an utterly miserable week that has just passed. I don’t think I even picked up a pencil over the last couple of days – bad Nicola! No excuses even. Typical. However, starting today I intend to turn everything around and make up for my complete lack of effort. And so I have finished many a necklace and a few set of earrings and have taken A LOT of photographs for them. (I’m very disappointed at the moment that the boxes I’ve ordered for them haven’t arrived yet, I want to get them packed neatly away asap!) But here’s a few anyways….

Once the boxes arrive I’ll look at setting up a Folksy shop (kinda terrifying!). Should be fun though.

I’ve got a new painting in the beginning stages that I’m wanting finished fairly quickly. I’ve got a good feeling about it, so I’ll keep my fingers crossed and hope it turns out how I want it. I also just wanted to post some pretty pictures I took over the New Year of the haar over the Tay. Let’s face it, this blog is pretty much just pictures!

P1030641 P1030626 P1030737 P1030484 P1030466